Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleepover at the City Nest!

Lucky us! We got to have a sleepover with Miss Ellie this past weekend! Anne brought over things we needed like the pink Bumbo, a Pack 'n Play bed and a stroller base.
Ellie played a little bit, then we whisked her off on a city adventure!
She has a bit of a tight squeeze in our car seat for the stroller base. That girl is getting some serious thighs.
First stop: the swings at Gross Park. Being a concerned Gramma, I used a "protector" on the swing set so her mouth wouldn't get germied up.
Of course Ellie had to go down the slide.
As well as standing up on the playground equipment. (Check out her dimpled knee.)
We then took her to a store in the neighborhood to spoil her a bit. Wes held up various toys for her to respond to and she liked this colorful caterpillar the best.
Dinnertime next. She ate pears and sweet pototoes - a lot of them!
Gramma read her three books.
Following story time, Grandpa gave her walking lessons.
The favorite activity for Miss E the whole sleepover time? Watching her Mom's old wind-up/baton twirling Cabbage Patch doll "strut her stuff" on the living room floor! Ellie laughed, kicked her legs and almost started crawling just to get at this toy.
Seven months ago we were awaiting her birth, and now we simply cannot imagine a life that had no Ellie in it. It's true what they say about being Grandparents: it's the best!


Jed and Anne said...

I love it! She certainly looked like she had a lovely time visiting with her grandparents! I especially like the picture where dad is trying to walk with her. Having Ellie looking up with him at that moment, too, was priceless! Thanks again for watching her - love you guys!

Timi + Andrew said...

She is sooo cute! Love all the pics! She must have enjoyed her time with her loving grandparents!