Monday, August 09, 2010

The Big Squeeze (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #28)

Why call this post the Big Squeeze? Simply because we squeezed a whole lot of action - and people - into our family cabin in Michigan this past week!
The occasion was Wes' parents 60th anniversary celebration and family came from Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. Seeing as the cabin is roughly the size of a double car garage and we totalled 23 people, we opted to slumber in the AmericInn in town.
However, our days were spent at the cabin. The raft on the lake saw much action!
As did the boats.
Just like the old days when Wes was a boy, the younger cousins put on a "show" for the rest of us. What was different this time around? Check out the "tip" cup that we were encouraged to visit after the show. Pretty resourceful, huh?
Performers taking a bow at the end of the show. .. we heard songs and watched dancing moves.
John is the oldest boy cousin; Jackson the youngest at six years of age. Here they pose with their weapons of destruction after the show had concluded.
Ellie is the youngest of the family - and the object of much interaction! She was passed around like a container of popcorn with each holder enjoying her irresistible flavor! Shown below: four girl generations!
The food was consumed with gusto - a whole lot of food and gusto!
Kari is quite a hit with the young cousins.
All of the above activities happened within the span of one day. The next day was the big anniversary party and the order of the morning was making six wild raspberry pies. Paul picked, Lora and Renee constructed and Wes and I were the pie runners as we ran out of propane gas for the stove and had to take the pies next door for baking in their oven. Oops.
The pies were brought to the restaurant. All 10 grandchildren (one texted a message from California) gave little tribute speeches and then helped to hand out the pie slices to the guests.
Their reward? Making goofy faces for the camera!
Here we are. Thank you, Elder and Muriel, for giving us great cause to celebrate! You're the best. And, might I add, the main squeeze of this two-day event!


The Lindahl News said...

Check out Anne's blog on this event also...her perspective is
always insightful.

oatley said...

Just caught up on all of your blogs ... whew!

Congrats to all!

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