Wednesday, December 05, 2007

To Think What I Could Have Missed!

Something really awful happened this past Friday morning when I dropped my camera while the lens was opening. And here we were, having a weekend of fun and no record would be made visually of all of it: my Mom recovering from her hospital stay, having our friends from Maine with us, a dinner with Marti and Bill, the North Park "Rejoice" concert, seeing my sister and part of her family, a party at Anne and Jed's and a trip to IKEA! Yipes!
Luckily, Wes knows how attached I am to having a camera in my possession, and he took the broken one to the store, was told it would be more $$ to fix the jammed lens than buying a new camera, so voila! I now am the owner of a brand new camera, and all the joys it brings to record life's memories on it. (By the way, the old camera was just that: OLD. It had a finicky lens cover that would show corner shadows in pictures and a tiny viewing screen, so glasses would need to be worn to check imperfections of the people, places or things framed.) This is what would have been missed:


simplicity said...

WOW! Very fun to have a new digital toy! And love all the photos, you sure kept busy with your company. Are they still in town?

The Lindahl News said...

S - No, Carol left this morning. She was here for a week, and we packed a TON in. (Now, if I can just figure out how to blog the
highlights without writing a "novelette".)

cellothug said...

I'm surprised your other camera was took such great pictures! I especially have a hard time with the nighttime/lights pictures you have so many of!

I love the format of your photos this time around-fun!