Friday, December 07, 2007

Permission to Snoop

A confession to make: I love to see how people decorate their houses!
Out walking in our neighborhood at night is especially fun when folks don't close their drapes or lower their shades, so that from the street (don't worry, I am harmless and never leave the sidewalk!!) I can see if the people have a lamp softly glowing beside a cozy reading chair, or if they have contempory, traditional or eclectic tastes. I like to see how people put plantings around their front walkways, how they place their Christmas tree, colors vibrant or subtle...guess you could just say I am a very visual person.
Hard to believe, but I haven't ever been on a House Walk. These are usually fund-raisers, so the money you pay for your ticket to walk through various houses all decorated for the holidays goes to charity. With Carol here, I thought we might enjoy this activity, so with
a map of six houses, plus the Catholic Rectory, we took off to snoop!
The House Walk took us most all of the day, and we stopped for a deliciious lunch out. I took
tons of pictures (first getting permission, of course!) and now I have many new ideas for what I can do in our own home. However, my home is certainly of a different scale and style that those houses we visited, and I am so very thankful that I love where we live and who my home is shared with
no matter how it is decorated - There's no place like home!


cellothug said...

Looks like you got your new camera just in time!

Get your shovel ready if you get this snowstorm next...Denver's had a few inches, but Carl's town, Gunnison, has had 78 inches of snow in the last week!!! He is in ski-bum heaven!

The Lindahl News said...

Linnea, thanks for the warning on a possible snowstorm coming our way. To quote our late great Harry
Caray about the 78 inches of snow for Carl: "HOLY COW!!!"

And, yes, the camera came just in the nick of time. I have been going hog wild with taking far too many pictures with it.

Spirit Bear said...

I also love house walks, and when we lived in Rogers Park I would go to one in Evanston/Wilmette every spring. The old Victorians were my favorites. Garden walks are fun too. Maybe you could do an album of some of your house walk photos.

melissa said...

I've never gone on a house walk, and would love to at some point. So glad you got out and had fun despite what looked like some very active flurries! I love that you maintain such great perspective on loving where you live and what you've been blessed with. So many probably left the walk discouraged about what they don't have - it's refreshing to know such a grateful soul!