Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family. Christmas. Memories.

Our time in New Jersey for the holidays passed quickly and delightfully. Renee, Wes' youngest sister, and her husband Jeff hosted our gathering in their beautiful home.
Two parents, four siblings and their families=22. Two 3 year olds, a kindergartener, a first grader, a second grader and a fourth grader. Three in college. Anne and Jed as the only young married couple. Doctors, teachers, retired. Smart cookies. Artistic and musical. Kind folks all.
This is the family I married into and I have been blessed to be a part of for over thirty years.
Muriel made her special coffee bread for the
first time in three years!
The food...oh, the food. Pork tenderloin, Swedish meatballs, korv, salmon. Goat cheese risotto. Beer/brocolli/cheese soup. Rum cake with sauce. Pastry-topped brie/raspberry appetizer, shrimp, green beans with garlic and pine nuts. Italian pastries, fabulous cookies. We conquered all and hear this: RENEE IS AN AWESOME "FOODIE" CHEF!!!!! JEFF IS A GRILLER EXTRAORDINAIRRE!!!!!!
Most of the group poses for the first ever Lindahl "White Elephant/Bingo" game...what presents! What thrills! And only a couple ending up with tears. And compromises. And ideas with how to retaliate the next time we play together. In the meantime, does anyone need/want a pooping reindeer? Or a cockroach squishing ball? Or even a Hip-Hopping Santa??
Elder and Muriel with their 10 grandchildren - Anne is the oldest at 25 years of age, and Jackson is the youngest at 3 years of age. And then it was time to part. Another year of memories to hold dear to until next time. The kids will grow up, the adults will get older, and there are sure to be changes...nothing stays the same. But, luckily, we can hold fast to the good times and especially the love that binds us all together no matter what. Family: a gift like no other!


simplicity said...

Your last paragraph is beautifully written. And I agree, family is like no other.

So glad to see the pics and read the story of your Christmas.

Spirit Bear said...

for some reason the photos remind me of A Child's Christmas in Wales. All the aunts and uncles, presents and food. How wonderful that you captured it, Deb.

Kristin Jag said...

Wow! That was so fun to see pictures and people that I hadn't see in over a decade! So nice to see Wes's parents and Renee- they look wonderful and you will have to say hello to them from me the next time you talk!