Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Morning in NYC

Our Lindahl relatives are arriving from around the country...Texas, Massachusetts and Minnesota! But our family of five stole away for a bit on Christmas Eve morning to go into the city via NJ Transit. We would only be gone for the morning and we had a lot of walking to do to see: The Empire State Building, the windows at Macy's, Time's Square, Broadway, Radio City Music Hall (we went there nearly every Christmas when I lived in NJ), the rink at Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and we even stumbled upon the Church of Sweden where a Christmas service was being held in the Swedish language. We also had to find black and white cookies, eat pizza and buy nuts from a street vendor. Mission accomplished! We "heart" NYC!


Spirit Bear said...

Only the Lindahls could squeeze in a trip to New York in a morning. You captured the magic. Deb, here is a link you must view from hgtv: holiday windows.,1806,HGTV_3909_53931,00.html
I'll send it in an e-mail.

oatley said...

Loved your NYC pictures and then thought "ah ha!" I can set this up to show you Ray's boat building progress. Link to to see it. If you have any trouble let me know.
Wish I could have spent the day with you guys. We all went to the NY Botannical Gardens on Friday for the train show - amazing how they can recreate NY landmarks using all natural materials. Thought of you as we went through, it's something I think you all would enjoy. Been thinking of you ... Sandi

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, how did you ever find this holiday windows are so clever! We saw those windows at both Sak's and Macy's and they were pretty amazing. However, it was hard to get pictures because there were long lines of people looking at the windows, and we were on a blitz.
Barely anyone was looking at the old time Macy's windows of MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, so I did get pics of those. Hope you're feeling better ASAP!

Sandi, this blogging stuff is sure fun...I was able to get to the site with the boat building...wonderful! Thanks for sharing that. As I write, I have summoned Wes to come and take a look, too!