Friday, December 14, 2007

My Friend Died Yesterday

Even though I never met Nanette Tilkens in person, she was my friend. Her daughter, Samara, is a dear friend of Anne's and I was introduced to Nan through Samara's thoughtful blogging on her Mom's struggle with cancer. Nan and I began exchanging emails and letters, and she even invited us to her wedding vow renewal service this past summer. Just last week, we received their Christmas greeting, complete with a handwritten (beautiful penmanship) note: "I'm glad we got to know each other a bit and I've enjoyed all your cards and thoughts. May your holiday season be blessed with all that makes you happy."
Nan died yesterday morning after a courageous, deliberate war to combat her cancer. She will be sorely missed by all, especially her beloved husband, Michael. My heart breaks for her daughters and their young families. Please keep them all in your prayers. Peace to the memory of Nan.


The Process said...

I will be praying for them. Thank you for sharing.

melissa said...

Joining you in grieving this loss.

Spirit Bear said...

Thank you, Deb, for sharing this. I am humbled by your friend's courage.